Wadi Nasb "Bir Nasb"

Offering scene from the New Kingdom Period

Wadi Nasb is one of the locations that has been exploited by ancient Egyptian miners in South Sinai since the Middle Kingdom (2055–1650 B.C.), Today's visitor to Wadi Nasb has the chance to see a variety of archaeological remains showing different periods of exploitation of the area, such as ancient Egyptian scenes and inscriptions as well as proto-Sinaitic inscriptions. In the valley, there is a New Kingdom offering scene, next to it some undated ancient forms shaped like footprints. On the upper part of the hill called "Umm Kbeida," a rock-cut Egyptian stele can still be seen together with some proto-Sinaitic inscriptions. Other inscriptions at Wadi Nasb record the names of Amenemhat III and Ramesses II