Beit Hathor
Beit Hathor Buildings



Km 285, Cairo-Sharm El-Sheikh Road,
Abu Zenima city,



Location of Beit Hathor (GPS Reading)
29°01'04.00"N 033°09'33.00"E


Serabit el-Khadim:

GPS Reading
 29°02'12.79"N 033°27'34.18"E

path arb-2
Descriptive Map

Guided Tours

There are many routes to the temple of Serabit el-Khadim. Please use the one designated on the map and the certified Bedouin guide recommended by your travel agency, hotel or guidebook.
The best time to visit the temple is either in the early morning, late afternoon, or on cloudy days. It is also recommended that you visit the area during September to May, when the weather is not too hot.
However, during November to April, the area is famous for violent flash floods. Please check the weather forecast before visiting.


Recommended Clothing


It is advisable to wear clothes that cover your body not only to protect yourself against the burning effect of the sunlight, but also to respect the traditions of the Bedouins of the area. During winter, the weather can turn very cold at night and temperatures fall below zero degrees. Try to wear light-colored clothes under the sun to keep your body cool. It is also recommended to wear shoes that are suitable for hiking and that are not tight, because feet tend to swell easily with high temperatures, and that is not good for blood circulation.



It is recommended that you use the available camps that are built in the area, or camps arranged by a tourist agency. Despite the fact that the area is quite safe, it is not recommended to camp without supervision. For provisions, there are small grocery shops that sell biscuits, potato chips and other basic provisions. The shops open at irregular hours. There is another shop that is about 6 kilometers to the west of Serabit el-Khadim in the area of Bir Nasb just beside the school. The shop provides more options and variety, as well as mineral water. It is preferable to bring everything with you or drive to Abu Zenima where there are more shops. Always keep a first-aid kit at hand. The nearest health unit is in Abu Zenima or Ras Sudr. The camps of the area usually provide a set menu for food, which is generally fresh and reliable.


For your safety and for the protection of the cultural and natural heritage of the area, please respect the following regulations:
1.Always follow the official hiking path to the archaeological site that is shown on the map.
2.The Bedouin guides are the best; they know the area, so ask them for help whenever needed.
3.Do not climb on rocks, stray beyond the path shown on the map and outlined by rocks, and always walk in groups.
4.Do not pick up rocks, stones or pottery.
5.Do not start fires.
6.Do not throw away cigarette butts.
7.Pack your trash to take with you or leave at the Bedouin camp trash bins.
8.Do not write, paint or carve graffiti.
9.Keep in mind the nature of the local Bedouin conservative traditions.